Free Advertising

Yes free, from one of the best known and popular brands in the world. Yet less than 20 % of businesses take advantage of this easy way to

raise their search engine rankings and to make more money.

The quickest and cheapest way you can find more customers for any small business that sells locally and nationally is to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing.

 This applies whether you have a website or not.

 There is some concern because Google has such an overwhelming monopoly on search engines. In fact, Google has over 92% of the traffic worldwide. It is worthwhile to use and rank for the other search engines in the interest of not allowing one commercial company to have control over all the information available.

 However, as a small business owner with a limited budget, starting off with Google is a necessity.

The benefits of claiming or creating your listing with Google apply to you even if you do not have a storefront or office that customers can visit. By selecting ‘service area only’, you are instructing Google to hide your address but you will appear in “the map pack” which is at the top of the search engine results.

 It will show your general area but not list your actual address. Where you appear in that map pack depends on many variables but you can’t appear at all if you don’t claim your listing.

 In addition, not claiming your listing is a security flaw because anybody can claim it from competitors to affiliate marketers, both who may want to hijack your traffic to their site.

If you have claimed it, great, optimize it, and start using the free weekly ad. I have provided a PDF quick start guide that explains what you need to do in simple clear steps to claim and optimize your listing If you’re busy, hire a reputable firm that will charge you a onetime fee for the initial listing and a small monthly fee to make and run ads.

As a business owner, you will probably get phone calls from companies capitalizing and taking advantage of the general lack of knowledge around Google My Business. Most of them claim to be Google. Google does not have the time or inclination to contact small businesses to get them on board for a service that they offer for free.

 I discovered one of my website clients was paying a company that called themselves a listing company 300 euro a month to be in the top 3 of the map pack and to have their Google My Business listing optimized. They were not even running the free weekly ad for them.

 After the first month the company he hired just had to check the listing from time to tie to make sure it hadn’t been taken down.

 With that kind of money he could have paid to have his website optimized for SEO in a way that would have increased his traffic and profits exponentially. 

I pointed out to my client that the going rate for registering and optimizing a GMB listing is a one-time fee of 100 to 150 euro and all the 

other benefits that resulted would have happened just from that alone. 

For example, he was paying for his home security business to appear in the top 3 map pack in local searches for home security systems and other keywords relevant to his business.

 A quick look showed me that he only had 3 other competitors in the area and one of them had an unclaimed listing so he was guaranteed to be in the top 3 no matter what he did once his listing was claimed.

Now for a highly competitive niche, you may have to do SEO to get into that map pack and it does cost to pay a professional to help you with this, but just registering and taking the first steps is free and obtainable for any business and it will drive hot leads your way.

 When people are searching in Google for things like “Physiotherapist Galway” or ” cheap wedding cakes New Jersey” they are ready to buy

and you need to be showing up as an option for them to explore.

Claiming and optimizing your listing is not only free but your time investment in this will create exponential evergreen growth

 – unlike paid advertising which has to constantly be paid for again to renew the results. Google is even offering free ad credits for new GMB customers if you want to try their paid advertising.

Right now most businesses are not taking advantage of this and if you do so, you will stand out from the crowd 

and get more business coming your way!


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